I have a question.

It’s one I pose myself… myself as an artist…

How can art express nonduality? Any reflection, any expression, needs something to reflect/express. This is dualism. Antithetical to Advaita.

For what of the nondual can be compatible? What is heightened in unicity? Where does some-thing distinguish itself from some-thing else in no-thing?

I may have journeyed far… “I” appears to have… well this “I”… I mean, what it is, exactly, how constant it is… well… “I” (lifting an eyebrow) cannot say… not exactly.

So in this video I quote Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, dzogchen teacher, as saying:

“Buddha once said: “I discovered something profound and luminous beyond all concepts. I tried to communicate it with words, but nobody understands. So now I will meditate alone in the forest.”

When the pianos play,
The stars ar’not right,
The notes that pluck,
My sadness in heart,
The sirens call,
My addiction wrought,
For sail my heart,
For tears come to naught,
That day is here,
Fears are night,
For tomorrow comes-
It is all right.

[Title from “Darker Than Black” – Photobooth recorded 20/12/16]

[Names changed for discretion]

The cereal is a weapon
food in Lidl is a weapon.

The spirit of wildness
of reality
it explains everything I haven’t got the words
or the thoughts
to explain.

Are the gherkins in Lidl a weapon too?
Perhaps the animal nitrate is more of a
self-inflicting weapon?
What about the bong?
Surely not the marijuana?
The hand picked silver weed?
The mushrooms?

Labelled with big black paint:


[There’s even a weak point to the Anarcho Bookshops admin guy, he has some compromised past with say the Ukrainian journalist friend of Marta, or even Marta herself, or that person who said “don’t abstain” at the Gas Power Station vs Balcombe meeting. (Weird tactical reverse psychology, a judgement was made and the sacrifice deemed worthwhile, the sacrifice of those other activists messed up by the decision.)

Messed up
my mind skating


skat the spirit of rightness
is the lighter
the pot of alpro choc soya
with the spoon coming out – “my”
insanity is that energy
it is manifestation of a brutalised life force one brutalised under the interests of domesticators

our Ways of Life
our homes
our diet
our transport
all the material things around us, we
don’t regret, we don’t say
“no more boats from China!”

(Two years later an addendum.)

But no
we’re idealists
that the Chinese themselves will
we will not exploit & extract
not pump the world with
created from the pillage
& hurt we do to this planet.
The hurt we do to this planet.

We don’t consider those
the money we dangle,
well, dangled for us
in front of Chinese

in front of

State Capitalism

no different to

Our Capitalism

as can be read in your paper today.

Saturday, 8th October 2016, 2pm

@ Nomadic Community Gardens (next to Allen Park & Brick Lane), Shoreditch, London


Here’s the fb write up:

Do Something About Climate Change Whilst Helping Your Community Garden Grow!

‘Biochar Pete’ will be doing a pit-burn biochar making demonstration at the Nomadic Community Gardens where he’ll give an introduction to the basics of how it has a positive impact on not just the soil but climate change as well!

He’ll then go on to demonstrate the accessible method of pit-burn biochar making, rather than the more industrial methods – all the while trying to encourage you to consider making and using biochar yourselves. Hope to see you there!!”


Snippets from Longchenpa’s classic Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhist text, translated by Keith Dowman.


First let me tell you about ‘absence’,

the absence that is essentially emptiness:

in the super-matrix of pure mind that is like space

whatever appears is absent in reality. […]


Just as dream is a part of sleep,

unreal gossamer in its arising,

so all and everything is pure mind,

never separated from it,

and without substance or attribute, […]


In total presence, the nature of mind that is like the sky,

where there is no duality, no distinction, no gradation,

there is no view no meditation nor commitment to observe,

no diligent ideal conduct, no pristine awareness to unveil,

no training in the stages and no path to tread,

no subtle level of realization, and no final union.


In the absence of judgement nothing is ‘sacred’ or ‘profane’,

only a one-taste matrix, like the Golden Isle;

the self-sprung nature of mind is like the sky,

its nature an absence beyond all expression.


The actual essence, pristine gnosis,

cannot be improved upon, so virtue is profitless,

and it cannot be impaired, so vice is harmless;

in its absence of karma there is no ripening of pleasure or pain;

in its absence of judgement, no preference for samsara or nirvana;

in its absence of articulation, it has no dimension;

in its absence of past and future, rebirth is an empty notion:

who is there to transmigrate? and how to wander?

what is karma and how can it mature?

Contemplate the reality that is like the clear sky!


Constantly deconstructing, investigating keenly,

not even the slightest substance can be found;

and in the undivided moment of nondual perception

we abide in the natural perfection. […]


A fool deceived by magical illusion is like an animal

pursuing a mirage in his thirst for water;

expecting his delusive hopes to be realized,

trusting in his dogma, he is trapped;

losing his way on the eight-fold gradation of intellect,

he fails to see the real meaning. […]


In the absence of outside and inside, subject and object,

intrinsic gnosis, being out of time and space,

supersedes all finite events that seemingly begin and end;

pure as the sky, it is without signposts or means of access.

Any specific insight into gnosis is always deluded,

so that any spiritual identity, always delusive, is abandoned;

and convinced that the space of undifferentiated Samantabhadra

is the all-encompassing super-emptiness of all samsara and nirvana,

the natural state obtains as the reality without transition or change.

Breaking out of the brittle shell of discursive view

into the hyperspaciousness that is nowhere located,

in the experience of absence the crux of the matter is fully disclosed.


The most recent edition of this translation can be found in this book:


Keith Dowman gives talks and retreats around the world, take a look at his website for dates and places:


[The undifferentiated peace of the nature of mind, realised, familiarised is like the home we have always searched for. Though once this is seen all the concepts and words like mind, realisation, familiarisation, home, the seeker, become undone, seen through, by no-one.]


-There ain’t been much activity here, nope, thas cos I’m in the middle of starting up my biochar business, but thas also cos I’m about to launch my new blog: showcasing my egoDEATH films – starting with a new show alt.cult.review (as in an alternative culture review…) I’m delving into a favourite obsession straight away, the first episode focuses on the nondual philosophical message pointed at by Tony Parsons – so a specialist subject, but something close to my heart. I’m focusing on the archduke heretic of nonduality Tony Parsons himself, mixing in his talks, interviews, audio with a video edit of my own design, meant to express some of the energetic and subtle nuances of nonduality. So should serve as a good nondual primer for those new to the subject, but also something for the veterans to loose their teeth chomping into too.

Watch this space!

Plus check out my egoDEATH films website, I give you permission to give me the finger the next time you see me if you’re disappointed!



Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre

Over 30 women detained under unjust UK government detention practice have gone on hunger strike.

On Sunday 29th September 2013 they sent out this joint message:

“The day before yesterday hunger strike is going on at yarl’s wood against charter flight.,deportation, no right of appeals in fresh claims and even sexual abuse .

we should have right of appeal and right of bail. Why we are discriminated by UKBA and other institutions. We are not street dogs. we are human beings we spend a lot of money to come for protection. We never do any illegal act or break any law but still we are facing detention and racial discrimination.
we are women and in our culture if a woman been detained for any reason it is considered that she is characterless and society has bad eyelid on that woman. If have been send back to our countries with handcuffed our society will never accept us.
And if we apply asylum it does not mean  that we are criminals or asylum is a crime.
please we need justice we need safety and we need protection.  
women seeking asylum from gender violence, Honour killing, forced marriage, domestic abuse trafficking need time to prove their cases. We have had no access to legal aid.
Charter flights are illegal.it is a mass deportation. Women claiming asylum for gender based issues must have time. We have not had access to legal aid. Because of huge waiting list due to mass sound up no due process.
Why we are being kept in isolated places like police stations, cells or detention centres we are not criminals
Asylum is not a crime.
asking for justice is not a crime
we want independence.
we want our rights. 
we want to raise our voice in public …”
Most of them are from Pakistan, and over 14 of them are going to be forcibly removed under charter flight to Lahore on Tuesday night (1st October 2013). They include victims of forced marriage and sexuality discrimination.
More information may be found on http://stopdeportations.wordpress.com/ soon.

Okay I haven’t gone nuts, I know we’re not having a conversation (do you like me donkey ears?), but I thought I’d try and pick up on this whole bloggin’ thang, yunno? So thought I’d tell you a little about what ah been upta!

So first off after all the – kinda obvious really! – news about how free-wheeling Face Values have been with “our” personal info (as in everything you put up there is owned by them, now corporate and will be passed on to governments too), I DE-ACTIVATED my FaceBook account! (aka Face Values) Yippie! Ah feel so free, lighter, yunno, no more of all that fake I’ve got hundreds of friends bulls**t!

Next, I’ve been putting up some, kinda low-key, music, movement, joke videos on youtube over the past year, so check ’em out!


Plus I’m re-engaging with twitter so if ya wanna, check @AntlerHardy for latest hot shit nondual news on the street!!!

Okay so I finished my experimental corporate espionage novel “Exodus ~ and the possession” some months back now, but am still in the process of trying to find an agent / publisher. So get in touch if you wanna hear more.

I’m also beginning to put my money where my mouth is and am starting a carbon sequestration business – very soon! Gonna be working with waste companies to take local Cornish waste (don’t get any ideas!) and am going to be using kilns to turn it into BIOCHAR!

Yep, I know everyone’s raving about biochar these days (I wish) talking about how with all this climate madness we need to start making the right decisions, need to start powering down with our energy use WORLDWIDE, need to be keeping fossil fuels IN THE GROUND, need to be burying as much carbon in the ground as possible, yeah, yeah I know you’ve heard it all before, people talk about nothing else on youtube, FaceValues, in the pet shop, they even whisper the news into babies ears in the middle of the night. Erm, so anywho, biochar is basically a different form of charcoal that is good for soil (remediates it often), retains water (good in this heat!), and is a way to get carbon out of the atmospheric cycle, not into the air, and into the ground! So good for the locals, good for the planet! ‘Nough said!

Oh plus I’m going to the Reclaim Power camp next month – you should come too!!!


We’re saying:

We want a clean and fair energy future where people come before profit. Join us for a four day camp at West Burton gas fired power station nr Retford, Notts.

Come to share your ideas. Create, imagine, resist. We are facing climate crisis, economic crisis and social crisis. Join us to Reclaim the Power!

Action Camp: 16 – 21st August

Okay, gonna love ya and leave ya, pissy kissy x

“Venus as a Boy” ~ Bjork


There are times unlike others. We all know that, now I’m going to leave the drama for my fiction, what I want to talk about here is something a lot more ordinary. Nevertheless this is a deceptive form of ordinary – like I said I’m talking about times unlike others. Like times we know, we feel, some form of rhythm within the interweaving sensations and thoughts we call experience.

So as to illustrate I’d like to direct you’re attention to Fransisco Pradilla’s “Queen Joanna the Mad” –  Spanish (1877). The sense of rhythm here, after the distraught queen has exhumed her dead husband’s coffin out of the grave, comes from the  isolation of the queen and the surrounding characters reactions to the situation – mostly casual boredom! Where as I might take something a little different from:

Manuel Domínguez Sánchez “The Death of Seneca”.

Which, for reasons I won’t explain, I’ll juxtapose with Paul Baudry’s “The Pearl and the Wave” – though I wanted to present a picture of the red flesh of a woman’s cleavage over the babe christ – but I seem to have messed up my notes from my days in Madrid, and can no longer find the picture. So no Virgin Mary look-alike, no voluptuous feminine image – fecund not christian art at all but pagan through and through! I wanted to ask you what do you get from it? Does this image feed guilt, are we weeping about suffering here? (Though check out the Ruben’s much later and below.)

Ok so I’m moving on to Pieter Brueghel “el viejo” and “The Triumph of Death”.

It’s simple for me (and why the fuck shouldn’t it be?) Bosch’s accomplishment here (in “The Temptations of St Anthony”)  falters just where it counts for me – I’ll just throw the blanket out here with – the word: aesthetically. As an example I don’t like all his thin lines, whether they be sticks or birds beaks – I don’t like ’em! Still I’m putting him up here because he pushes the right buttons, he’s evoking a lot more then he has successfully presented. But what the fuck yunno a Tibetan thangka succeeds in just the same way: –

Read the rest of this entry »


8.1 Dominant culture confidently talks about values, we see interviewed politicians talk of them soon after they formalised the orders for soldiers to prepare for war. Representatives of distinguished organisations meet people of influence, power and wealth – they talk of civilisation and of the “humanist” charitable endeavour. They talk of human values, but whose values are these really? The OA contention is that these values are an “armament mechanism of a plan” where the much lauded bastions of progress and development are actually “behind the facade” of manipulative processes of power and resource accumulation that leave in its wake communities without the basics to life and devastated ecologies. All of this confirming, at root, a deep and extreme blindness to the ongoing oblivion of much of humanity toward Being.

8.2 It is exactly this blind path to oblivion that many ecological activists and revolutionary environmentalists are committed to avoiding. With one of the most important messages of OA being: the essence of technology can only continue as long as its destructiveness is concealed. Here lies a minefield of dispute as many will stand and argue that at heart technology is not destructive and that the existence of medicines, architecture, productive tools, machinery and so on testify to this fact. The OA response is to reply that it is both the beneficial and the destructive that is inherent to technology, and it is this fact that is so averted from by common global civilisation and its mediated discourse.

8.3 It is important that we wake up to this reality now in this time of peril when supposed technologically neutral tools and weapons rack such ruin on the ecologies of the world and could very well wipe-out much of life on this planet. It is one of the greatest human stupidities that people can disregard this warning and continue to believe the way that things are, are as they should be, or could not be any different. OA is obviously not the lone bearer of this warning, but the importance of OA’s message is in it pointing out the truth about the inextricable bond between all life. THIS is what is life-saving in itself. Action will only be truly revolutionary if it engages in a solidarity that crosses all artificial boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, species and more (perhaps solidarity with nature and Being itself, if we even need to say we can be in solidarity with that which is our most essential self then perhaps this is an indicator of the degree of our plight). This means a liberation of humans from the confines of “enframing” (from within conceptual traps) and liberation of animals and ecologies from human enforced and technological domination. Becker actually goes further and says that anything less and we will see an inevitable lapse back into false and oppressive hierarchy of “humans” over “nature”, “humans” over “animals”, “man” over “woman”, “white” over “non-white” and so on, with the full utilisation of technology and disciplinary control to both carry out; whilst simultaneously hide what is going on.


8.4 OA describes the possibility of suspending the will, so as to attain a lucid sense of the free play of Being – where all life emerges and is sustained. The “how” of re-connection necessitates no effort or force. Indeed do not DO anything and the productive work ethic can be undermined. For now even forget about the whole thing, FORGET ABOUT OA! The next time an opportunity arises that seems to reaffirm life’s connection – go for it! Revitalisation is natural and spontaneous. Only confusion makes us see things adversely.

9.1 There is already a minority peoples on this planet whether philosophers, shamans, buddhists, revolutionary environmentalists, daoists, sufis, nondualists, etc, that seem to recognise that a human being, like any entity, is – is present. Yet anyone can open up to Being, can respond to Being. It is often in our search for meaning that actually we overlook the essence of humanity, which is that: EXPERIENCE itself is of value, or is the very value giving force in itself without which there would be no value. This is the experience of the presence of the awareness of Being. That this isn’t the fundamental basis of all education everywhere is to deprive all children and students with the very foundation of understanding. Particularly since so much can AND IS going wrong because of a lack of understanding of this most simple and immediate truth.

Symbolically cultures have reconnected with their recognition of Being for millennia. This was done whenever they cleared a space (creating a psychological, sensory as well as spiritual opening) for ceremony; or when they met in awe-inspiring forest glades; or acknowledged in song or some other artistic expression the “old ones” in the wilderness or elements; or when they retreated into caves and isolated places to explore inner-space. All of these were attempts to reconnect with that which is ultimately inexpressible – Being – but that which is within the realm of everyone’s experience. Always.

9.2 Within the open space of serenity, in the wilderness or openness in meditation, we can become aware of the vast space within which entities emerge into presence. When willed manipulation is suspended then other entities can be recognised. There is an egoistic will that demands humanity is the pinnacle of evolution, that says we are in the very likeness of God! If we set these delusions aside then we might be able to recognise the enduring process of evolution within which all entities emerge and develop.

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